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MAP-it is a tool for participatory cartography and conversation. It’s a low-tech mapping tool that allows you to debrief past projects, manage current ones and plan future activities. It´s a hands-on tool, an open and extendible set of icons that allows participants to make their thoughts explicit in a visual way, in the form of a map. The visual character of mapping allows participants from different backgrounds to discuss projects on equal grounds. Moreover, the mapping´s structure encourages to not only share positive experiences, but also leads to critique and debate. Communication is opened up and details come to surface using the various MAP-it elements.


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Research group Social Spaces
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MAP-it is the result of a collaborative project between research group Social Spaces (Media, Arts & Design Faculty),Cultural Studies (University of Leuven), Z33 – house for contemporary art, the Expertise Center for Digital Media(UHasselt) and BAM.
The project was made possible by IvOK funding.